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5.8 The sense of balance and the immunity of the human body

In this context immunity means a lot more than avoiding infectious diseases. This chapter will deal with predisposition to illnesses of all kinds and  also e.g. with sensitivity to allergies. Strong natural immunity is generally maintained by a healthy way of life: good nourishment, enough exercise, rest and a balanced state of mind. In spite of them, the human body can  get many health issues. Hereditary factors can reveal plausible reasons.

To summarize chapters 1 - 5, the immunity of the human body suits very well because it's as wide and comprehensive a phenomenon as the importance of the sense of balance on it is. If this connection isn't recognized and accepted the traditional (school) medicine and healthcare will face with bigger and bigger problems because of multi-symptom combinations among younger and younger generations. Too many people have faced with situations where "mystic" symptoms are being understated because their origin isn't known.  That's why the concept of " a basically healthy person can be based on a flimsy ground if e.g. a low infection, several minor symptoms together or separately with neurological issues haven't been properly detected and treated because of their "mysterious" cause. Furthermore, this mystery has made it difficult or impossible to realize how and why everything is interlinked in the human body.

The dysfunction of the sense of balance (the DSB) causes chronic muscular tension with unbalanced hormone secretion. It seems to affect the human being's  physical and mental function, wellbeing and health in many ways (Ch. 3 - 4). If it's untreated, it can predispose to e.g. allergies, pains or illnesses the more often the more serious the DSB is. The gravity, number and time of appearance of different symptoms often depend on the annual and regional variation in the number of the stimuli which disturb the sense of balance (Ch. 5 - 5.6). It's important to pay attention to the co-effect of the increasing number of different disturbing stimuli with potential consequences mentioned above. That's why the sense of balance and the human body that have originally functioned well may also be at serious risk.

Infectious and other diseases have been the biggest problem for people in poor areas with bad hygiene and lack of nutrition, especially for babies and elderly people. Medicine has developed vaccines for the most dangerous infectious diseases, many of which have become very rare in the developed countries which can afford vaccines. Antibiotics and other medicines cure and ease the symptoms that could be lethal without medication.

Why do medicines and vaccines cause more side-effects for some people more easily than for others? Or, why don't they always take effect? These problems are the result of the same mechanism with which the sense of balance and the body react to any strange substances. The conflict arises because people with dysfunction in their senses of balance often have worse immunity and more health issues, and so they would need more medication and  vaccines, but they are also more vulnerable against the strange substances in them. So, the benefits and risks of medication and vaccination have to be considered very carefully. The basic conflict seems to be the one between physical and chemical reactions: a physical cause for illness can't always be treated with chemical means. People with a healthy / treated sense of balance are naturally better resistant to  the side effects of this conflict.

What we eat, drink, inhale, spread on our skins, use for medication, what kind of stimuli our senses in our eyes, ears, mouths, noses or skins sense cause the more problems to the body the more it is predisposed to physically strange substances. They include pollution as well as e.g. preservatives, additives, artificial sweeteners and remains of pesticides  in our nutrition. If the method (e.g. microwave) that food is prepared with destroys the physical structure of the ingredient it makes bad nutrition.. Chemicals in cosmetics and detergents are problematic for the same reason.

In the natural environment there are also substances such as pollen and spore that can cause more allergic reactions to those people who have problems with their senses of balance. In the constructed environment some building materials and errors in the construction process have caused allergic reactions and other symptoms. Humidity and mould have led into problems with bad indoor air. Allergic reactions and symptoms have caused a lot of controversy because the main puzzling question has been why some people are more sensitive than others. The experiences from the treatment of the sense of balance have given a plausible answer: the DSB explains the variation in people's immune system.  One single new predisposition can trigger several symptoms if there happen to be several simultaneous stimuli or one/some of them get stronger. The task of the sense of balance is to protect us by giving an alarm that would make us leave the contaminated place. In order to do this everyone should be aware of this phenomena in the same way as the smell of smoke makes us alert.

Salt and water, each of which has an electric molecule structure, together create the electric current and the magnetic field in the human body. Its frequency pattern is the same as elsewhere on our planet. (Ferreira) In both plant and animal cells there are electrically charged mitochondria which transform the energy of nutrients into suitable form for cells. (Wikipedia: Cell / Mitochondrion)

A whole, unbroken magnetic field is a kind of shield against any strange frequency pattern that could disturb too much the sense of balance and the body. As an electric sense It supervises everything and reacts to the sensations according to their physical, electric structure.

Electric current is created in all materials in their smallest particles, atoms. They have electrically charged particles: protons and electrons as well as neutrons which aren't charged. If there aren't equally many protons and electrons, the atom (or group of atoms) is a charged ion (Levävaara).

Electromagnetic radiation and disturbance is caused by different electric devices and structures that human inventiveness has produced. Nowadays many smart devices function wirelessly with the help of electromagnetic signals from more and more efficient base stations. That's why the human body may be lost in "an ionic jungle" where people with the dysfunction in their senses of balance manage the worst. Because of increasing ionic predisposition it will also be more and more important to treat people whose senses of balance originally function pretty well.

Nowadays many people take it for granted that Earth is round like a ball, rotates around its axis, generating strong electric currents in its core, which creates Earth's gravity field. However, it took about 1,900 years from the earliest notions (from 300 bChr  to the 17 th century)  to Galileo Galilei's observations and Isaac Newton's gravity law (Karttunen & Sarimaa. Ursa. 2003).

Magnetic fields everywhere influence each other: stronger ones control over weaker ones. In some parts of their orbits even minor planets, moons or stars have an effect on their bigger neighbours as the Moon does on Earth. The Sun also affects our magnetic field when it sends charged plasma into space. In certain circumstances it can end up in our magnetosphere.

The magnetic disturbance by solar wind increased during the whole of the 20 th century towards its end. Then it was stronger than ever during the time of its measurement. There is regular variation in the magnetic disturbance from the Sun (Nevanlinna, H. 2006) 

When we compare the variation of the vital (Finnish) statistics with that of  the lunar and solar impacts on Earth we are able to understand the physical connection between the human body and Earth as well as space around it. To my mind, enough data has been collected to abolish the stigma of mystery from the fact that the human being is linked with physical laws both in and outside his/her body.

Sound, vibration, light and colour stimuli (see Ch. 5.4, 5.5 and 5.6)  also have electromagnetic radiation. If its frequency pattern is strange to the sense that it's aimed at, the sense of balance gets involved and again gives an alarm to make us avoid the stimuli. Ultraviolet and infra red are harmful to the eye and ultra and infra sound to the ear. This defensive reaction can give symptoms anywhere in the body and they will get worse if the predisposition in prolonged. The risk is especially big because e.g. infra sound cannot be heard because it's low frequency is beyond the hearing range, and so we don't know to protect from it.

It's inevitable that Finland lies on the northern high latitudes relatively near to the magnetic pole, which constantly makes the magnetic field more disturbed than in the more southerly areas. In addition, the magnetic pole forms a passage for the solar wind with charged particles to intrude to Earth's atmosphere at certain intervals and increase magnetic disturbance. (Ch. 4.5 and 5.2) These circumstances strain people's senses of balance and thus,  their the physical and mental function, well-being and health according to the condition of their senses of balance, which would benefit from being treated.

Instead, many other factors causing strain on the sense of balance and harm to our immune system could be influenced, such as by improving  construction methods and technology, the design and construction of new sources of energy and electric / digital / wireless devices and structures as well as by  reducing pollution (in the water, on land and in the air), the use of  pesticides and by taking care of the good quality of nutrition otherwise, too. Ill-advised choices are likely to make modern man more and more vulnerable to any threats that may be hiding on our planet.

Medical science has strongly relied on the effect of chemical medicines and vaccines. Unfortunately there is a limit in the human body where the risks become bigger than the benefits, and this already seems to be the case for many people with relatively severe DSB.

By treating the sense of balance it could help our bodies to be better protected against both natural and man-made stimuli. As a non-medical treating method it is likely to reduce medicine remnant in the sewage, which may end up in nature and the food chain in the worst case. At the same time less energy and raw material would be needed to produce medicines.

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