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5.5 Tremble stimuli

In densely populated areas many people are predisposed to tremble which is caused by e.g. traffic and construction. Different devices and machines in homes also create tremble although you may not sense it. The same predisposition can exist in workplaces where tremble stimuli may also be caused by big, effective machinery even if their operational safety has been improved by technical solutions. The same issues concern travelers and staff in vehicles: trucks, busses, trains, airplanes, ships, etc. In the ground e.g. quarries, power plants and earthquakes cause geo tremble. Powerful machinery of a wind farm embedded deep in the ground causes the same problem.

Whether tremble is recognizable or unrecognizable micro tremble, the sense of balance responds to it according to its task in the same way as to other stimuli. A well-functioning (treated) sense of balance tolerates tremble-stimuli better and gives better protection to the body against their disturbing effect. On the other hand, the DSB makes the body more susceptible to any disturbances and that's why more and more serious symptoms may appear relatively soon.

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