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Theme page 13. The DSB, the TSB and working ability

If the DSB and work-related strain happen to hit the same weak parts of body they may cause issues and illnesses long before retirement age. If the employee's working ability and health has been badly damaged disability pension is inevitable. To prevent this it's important to recognize the risks of the DSB as for the mental and physical working ability and health early enough. Re-training and starting a new job could succeed better when the DSB is treated as well as possible to prevent from more issues.

Depending on the age and condition of the employee some supportive measures are likely to be needed together with the treatment of the sense of balance. Detailed planning of re-training, studying and/or (new) work may help to orientate to working life and to concentrate on whatever the work includes. A change in the way of life is often needed to improve recovery.

Persons in responsible positions in working life, e.g. as superiors in charge of leadership in big working places, businesses, etc. have to manage their duties even under a heavy stress. These conditions together with the DSB may result in problems with e.g. the personnel who may feel the pressure of unfair or inappropriate leadership. Unfortunately, this may happen in any work places, big or small. Namely, the reason for starting a firm or business of one's own may sometimes be hidden in one of the social aspects of the DSB, which is the difficulty of cooperating with and being controlled by the employer. The position as a superior may give a stronger feeling of self-esteem and power over the employees. Of course there is nothing wrong with this as far as it doesn't cause too autocratic, arbitrary leadership.   

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