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Theme page 9. The DSB, the TSB and contraception, pregnancy, giving birth and childlessness

Preventing pregnancy with chemical hormonal contraceptives are likely to cause the more difficult side effects the worse the sense of balance functions.  They can be any symptoms from metabolism to strong variation of moods. I doubt that women with some problems with stomach or digestion might also be sensitive to hormonal contraceptives. Let me know, please.

During the time of pregnancy the sense of balance is strained for at least two reasons: the change in the hormone secretion influences metabolism and the body's center of gravity changes all the time when the fetus grows and the mother gains weight. The more troublesome and numerous issues (e.g. back and muscle pains, nausea, vertigo, changes in blood pressure and sugar, hunger for sweet/salt, extra fat or fluid tissues, toxemia of pregnancy,  changes in mood, premature strong contractions, fear of pain/childbirth, negative attitudes to the birth of the child) pregnancy causes the worse the mother's sense of balance functions.

The unborn baby is totally dependent on the mother's endocrine secretion and metabolism till the birth. That's why it's important to treat the baby's mother's sense of balance for the benefit of them both. The older the expectant mother is the more likely it is that even a slight DSB gives quite a few symptoms during the pregnancy. It the mother (of any age) has had a lot of health issues before her pregnancy the more important it is to treat her sense of balance to prevent any serious complications.

The muscular tension caused by the DSB may delay and/or slower the birth and make it very painful. The importance of PT for the birth is that muscles can relax more easily and thus they are able to contract and push harder. It is equally important that breathing muscles function elastically so that they can provide the body for enough oxygen during the contractions. Disturbances in hormone secretion and metabolism may be crucial for tissues in genitals and reproductive organs and their function. E.g. drying may make the mucous membranes sore and predispose them to inflammations or prevent ovulation. By treating the sense of balance it's possible to prevent e.g. endometriosis, vulvodynia and childlessness as long as there aren't too serious damages in the tissues.

Childlessness is often linked with considerable overweight or underweight, so now we can conclude its original cause lies in the endocrine and metabolic disturbances caused by the DSB. In addition, lack of physical exercise, smoking, alcohol and other drugs are known to worsen the chances of getting pregnant. That's why diet and the way of life have been regarded as the cause for childlessness.

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