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5.1.2 Salt and water

According to biophysicist Peter Ferreira, in the human body there is one disease and one health which is also supported by many findings by Rosedale. Our health is based on the undisturbed electric or energy current which is also needed by the nervous system.  This measurable electric current is maintained by the electric structures of salt and water.  

The body can only make good use of natural ingredients with unbroken, original geometric structure. It always has some electric information (electromagnetic oscillatory frequency pattern) which matches the body's own electric "jigsaw puzzle". E.g. the radiation of a microwave oven  destroys this original structure of ingredients and that's why they are no longer proper nourishment for the body.

By illness Ferreira means disturbances in the electric current of the body. They are caused by unnatural salt and water and other transformed ingredients. Natural, crystal salt and water maintain life and health. Other nutrients in their natural form also improve the wellbeing of the body because it doesn't have to use energy to abolish strange substances out of the body.

Unnatural salt contains too much sodium chloride and too little of its other ingredients. This is one of the most important reasons why the energy or electric current and simultaneously the salt-fluid metabolism is disturbed in the body. Excessive sodium chloride has to be stored in the fluid tissue or it's crystalized e.g. in the joints. In the fluid tissue for one gram of sodium chloride 23 grams of fluid is transported from cells to dissolve it. This process can cause problems with drying in any tissue in the same way as the DSB can. Thus, the extra fluid tissues can increase weight in the same way as the fat storages by insulin. Crystallized sodium increases rheumatic problems.

To understand the whole mechanism of metabolism it's necessary to realize the importance of the physical, electric structure of any substance, whether it's liquid, solid or gas, eatable or not: it's the sense of balance as the physical, electric sense of the body that first reacts to it and recognizes if it fits the electric structure of the body or not. In the latter case the sense of balance prepares the body to protect it from strange, perhaps even poisonous substances by manipulating the endocrine system: adrenaline tenses muscles and gets quick energy (sugar). Cortisol is alarmed to protect the heart by removing salt from blood and fluid from anywhere in the body to dissolve and store it in the fluid tissue. This process often causes intense thirst, and with the help of liquid it's easier for digestive organs to get rid of unwanted substances if necessary. (e.g. food poisoning or diarrhea)

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