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Theme page 1. The DSB, the treatment of the sense of balance (TSB) and the endocrine secretion and metabolism

Metabolism in the human body is a complex whole where everything effects on everything. This is taken care of by hormones in the endocrine secretion. Their mutual cooperation is seamless, sensitive balancing, which makes the body's mechanisms function appropriately. A change in one hormone influences the whole secretion in one way or another, which was dealt with in connection with increased adrenaline caused by the DSB.  Now I will combine findings from a few researches with the experiences from the treatment of the sense of balance.

See Theme page 2: Insulin and its dangers by Dc Ron Rosedale and his original lectures http:/www.mercola.com/2001/jul/14/insulin.htm#

Together with a repeated increase in blood sugar the level of insulin may rise above a healthy limit. According to Dc Rosedale insulin is the mother of all hormones. Thus, the whole of metabolism may also be disturbed, and consequently, we can understand the many hazards of the DSB as for sugar-fat metabolism.

Because the DSB together with adrenaline repeatedly stimulates metabolism, cortisol tries to calm down its effect on the body, especially on the heart by decreasing salt and leucocytes in the blood. The more salt is removed from the blood the more fluid is needed in the fluid tissue to dissolve the salt. The removal of fluid from cells and tissues may damage any cells or tissues by drying them and also disturb the sense of balance. Salt and fluid metabolisms are an inseparable pair, which is vital to the human body. German academician, biophysicist Peter Ferreira have researched these two branches of metabolism. . 

See Theme page 3: Salt and fluid metabolism by biophysicist Peter Ferreira and his article on water, salt and biophysics in an English article by Marion Kuprat www.agua-viva.info 

Both Dc Rosedale and biophysicist Ferreira are mainly concerned about the quality of nourishment. Both of them emphasize the importance of natural ingredients as the source of health. According to Ferreira natural (crystal) salt and water are the most important nutrients because they maintain undisturbed electric current in the body, creating a whole magnetic field and thus protecting the body against any disturbing factors.

All in all, a person with a serious, untreated DSB in more vulnerable. His/Her metabolism stand unhealthy diets worse, suffering more easily from more symptoms than a person with a healthy/treated sense of balance. Thus, by treating the sense of balance it's easier to start / maintain a healthier diet and a way of life including enough exercise and sleep. See Factors Affecting the Sense of balance/Diet 

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