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7 What is positional treatment (PT) for the dysfunction of the sense of balance (the DSB)?

See YouTube instruction video with the title: 00 The maneuvers of positional treatment for the dysfunction of the sense of balance

Positional treatment consists of three maneuvers: one for each semicircular canal in the sense of balance: the horizontal, posterior and superior one. The maneuvers should make the head rotate in a way that resembles the form of the semicircular canals as carefully as possible. The dysfunction is caused by calcium stones, which have stayed in the canals too long. During a successful positional treatment gravity transports the calcium stones back to their starting point.

 PT is done at home daily or more seldom, depending on the symptoms, age and condition of a person, or the results wanted.  If you stop the treatment totally the symptoms will come back and it's possible that some new symptoms may appear sooner or later. Unlike the older PT techniques (e.g. Lempert, Epley and Rahko), my technique emphasizes the fact that all the three semicircular canals have to be treated in a certain order after the initial phase. However, to avoid too many withdrawal effects it's safer to start with treating the horizontal canals only, changing the left – right order every time you do PT. See The initial phases of PT. The more serious the DSB is the more important it is to repeat all the maneuvers daily to sustain health and wellbeing.  

However, people (at any age) in a weak physical condition have to be very careful:  do only the maneuver for the horizontal canals to ease the worst symptoms. As for these people, the whole positional treatment with all three maneuvers may increase the secretion of waste products too much in the body, which might injure the inner organs. If it's difficult for you to move and turn your body some assistance is needed with the maneuvers. The maneuvers for the posterior and superior canals may be too rough for a stiff neck.

Be careful when you start positional treatment or a new phase of it: get personal guidance if you are aged and/or there is stiffness in your body, vertigo, etc. For some time, avoid climbing, quick turns, swimming, cycling, or driving a car and move carefully in the stairways.

Have your health checked regularly in addition to the TSB. It's possible that new problems appear which may need other treatment, e.g. surgery. If you get difficult symptoms contact your doctor without delay.  Discuss your medication with your doctor.

It's important to check e.g. blood pressure, sugar and salt to decrease medication if possible and as soon as possible. Positional treatment launches a lot of waste products, which have to be excreted by the kidneys and the liver. It's important for the inner organs to decrease the side effects of medicines as much as possible. When the body is being recovered from the DSB, e.g. gradual decrease in medicine which balances fluid metabolism or sleeping pills, pain killers and antidepressants influences positively the sense of balance. The time needed and the result of the recovery depend on the condition of the body.

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