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Theme page 6. The DSB, the TSB and weight control

A fattening diet and too little exercise are well-known causes for overweight. Furthermore, heredity may be involved in these problems in many ways, including the DSB with many potential issues with endocrine secretion and metabolism. It is likely to make it difficult to start and/or maintain a healthy diet because sugar-fat and salt-fluid metabolisms may constantly be out of balance. This disturbance often causes extra fat and fluid tissues – even if the diet was relatively healthy. In case of a serious DSB  preventing extra fat or fluid tissues with a diet and exercise is often difficult because the DSB constantly increases adrenalin, blood sugar and insulin in turns and as a result causes hunger for sweet and prevents fat from burning. In addition, cortisol comes to control adrenaline and goes on with this series of disturbances by intervening in salt and fluid metabolism.

Thus, it's obvious that PT and the other measures to treat the sense of balance may stop this vicious circle.  If it's started early enough so that there are no serious tissue damages in the body the endocrine (hormone) secretion would be able to control and balance metabolism by itself. To control the diet becomes easier when blood sugar and salt remain in a better balance. Increase in exercise must be started carefully and gradually. Improvement in the way of life may take a long time and conscious struggle and often some support from the family and friends, too. Acupuncture can also help with balancing hormone secretion.  

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