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14 The instruction video of the maneuvers of PT for the DSB

Use Google to find the video of the maneuvers of PT in YouTube under the following headline:

00 Asentohoidon liikesarjat tasapainoaistin toimintahäiriön hoitoon

The spoken instructions on the video are in Finnish for the time being. Sorry about that!

  • The video program consists of the maneuvers with spoken instructions for the canals in the left inner ear.
  • To treat the canals in the right ear do the maneuvers as mirror images compared with the ones on the video.
  • Click the screen with the left button of the mouse to see a standstill picture.
  • Each maneuver lasts about 13 seconds in the video program.

The following chapter

15 The video instructions as text and some additional advice

NOTE: Before starting PT, read carefully all the instructions dealing with PT on these pages:

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16 The pause exercise between the maneuvers of PT

18 Is anything else needed?