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Theme page 3. Salt and water

A lecture by biophysicist Peter Ferreira

Salt is the most important ingredient after water for the human body. Strictly speaking, our bodies consist only of water and salt which originally consists of 84 main group elements in our bodies, too. We need the whole of natural salt whose original structure mustn't be destroyed so that the basis of our lives and wellbeing as well as health wouldn't be endangered. The same 84 basic elements of substance remain when any substance is broken into the very basic elements of its quality and form.

Salt is one of the five Platonic bodies; a cubic that contains the purest light particles. Salt doesn't have to go through metabolic processes but it can go directly into the brain. It has an electric structure and gives the body neutral power which can operate both biochemically and biophysically. The electric structure of its crystal net makes sure that salt dissolves in the water.

They make an ideal salt solution that maintains life like amniotic water in the womb. It takes part in developing so called empty amino acids which are needed in the process of creating proteins. Salt solution (with natural salt) contains everything that is needed to create life. When water is evaporated from salt solution the original crystal structure of salt returns. Because salt is conductive it creates a measurable electric current in our veins and it makes possible for cell fluids to run. We couldn't create a single thought, our endocrine secretion wouldn't function or we wouldn't have sexual energy if salt didn't maintain electric current.

Human blood is nothing but electric salt solution like sea water: running sunlight with broken light particles which are attached to the cubic crystal nets of salt.

In fact, traditional table salt with only sodium and chloride is an industrial waste product left from natural salt which was earlier used as a general medicine. Sodium chloride is used in several industrial processes because of its ability to transform. Because food industry uses it as a preservative we may get 12 – 20 g of sodium chloride daily which is much more that our bodies can handle. Our kidneys can only excrete 5 – 7 g of sodium chloride per day. Because there is too much of it and too little of the other elements of salt in the body electric current is disturbed.

For every extra gram of sodium chloride the body has to use 23 g of water (fluid) to be able to dissolve it into a neutral state in the fluid tissue where all other waste and poisonous substances are also preserved. The body uses fluid from cells for this dissolving process, which may destroy cells by drying them. Because 35 g of sodium chloride is a lethal amount the body also has another way to protect itself by crystallizing it in the body. E.g. urolithiasis and different rheumatic illnesses may be caused when amino acids from animal nutrients are attached to the crystals of extra sodium chloride.

Crystal or mountain salt has got its jelly-like structure under the great pressure of the mountains during millions of years. Because of its fine, unbroken structure it is well absorbed into the body. This living salt (and living water) have the same physical qualities as the human body. That's why they convey the important information with electromagnetic oscillatory frequency pattern which maintains both physical and mental function.

In its natural state water also has a geometric crystal structure which has memory similar to that of salt. When a snow flake melts into water in a natural way and freezes again the shape of the flake doesn't change. Water's natural movement is spiral when it rises up from inside Earth. In our bodies it (water) makes sure we can stand with both feet steadily on the ground, bow and stand up again because every water molecule has a plus and a minus pole with an electromagnetic field. The same oscillatory frequency (7,83 Hz) can be measured both in our brains and in the atmosphere of Earth which is created by its plus and minus poles. To a great extent the structure of the human body is similar to that of our planet: e.g. 71 %  is water and 1 % is salt. The structure of natural water is destroyed by the pressure in water pipes. In addition, the quality of water is affected by hundreds of chemicals.

Academic medical science has given over 40,000 names to different illnesses. However, according to biophysicist Peter Ferreira there is only one disease and one health in the body. They are based on the electric or energy current. As mentioned above, it is maintained by the electric structures of salt and water. In addition to natural water and salt, the body can only make good use of other natural nutrients and ingredients with unbroken, original geometric structure, too. This physical structure always has some electric information which fits the body's own electric "jigsaw puzzle". The radiation of a microwave oven e.g. destroys the original structure of ingredients and that's why they are no longer proper nourishment for the body.  By avoiding unnatural, transformed nutrients and ingredients the body doesn't have to use extra energy to abolish waste. 

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