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Theme page 16. The DSB, the TSB and fear of high, tight or open places, travel sickness and fear of flight

The worse the sense of balance functions the worse symptoms the issues mentioned in the title above give. Because of the DSB the eyes have to support the balance of the body by fixing the look at an immovable point. This helps the body to get a better picture of its posture, position and movements. In a high, tight or very open space it's not possible for the eyes to do it. When the situation gets unpleasant you want to escape from it, which causes feelings of fear, i.e. phobias.

Travel sickness is more common with small children than adults. In a moving car it's impossible for a small child to see outside through the windows to fix the sight at any immovable point to sense balance. (Rahko)

Reading a text in a moving car with some vibration irritates both sight and the sense of balance strained by the DSB, and may cause sickness. Travelers and people working on any moving vehicles (busses, trains, ships, airplanes, etc.) are disposed to small "micro" vibration. It is often unrecognizable, but the sense of balance with the DSB reacts to it in its own way and may create an uneasy feeling and e.g. fear of flight. The more powerful the vehicle is (e.g. an airplane, a ship) the more vibration its engines create in addition to turbulences caused by bad weather. These circumstances are likely to cause travel sickness to people with the DSB.

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