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The Primary goal of PT is to relax muscles and make them move more flexibly. The longer the DSB has affected the body the more exercise will be needed especially for bigger muscles to learn their new courses of movement, the new coordination and posture of the body. Start carefully with light exercise so that your muscles won't get too sore.

Joint and muscle balancing therapy

In addition to PT, a traditional Finnish physical treatment called joint and muscle balancing therapy is needed to treat the twisted joints caused by the DSB. This has also been called "bone setting" in English, which however, isn't a proper equivalent for it.

These two measures make each other more efficient: when muscles are treated by PT, twisted joints don't affect them so much and vice versa. See www.kansanlaakintaseura.fi


Eyesight and the sense of balance cooperate tightly. As all other muscles in the body, small muscles in the eye are also controlled by the sense of balance. Because of their small size they can react very easily to the deficits in the function of the sense of balance as well as to their treatment. For its own part, eyesight conveys information about the posture and position of the body in relation to its surroundings to the brain. According to this perception, the sense of balance controls the courses of muscles and the position of the whole body.

Correcting eyesight with spectacles is also important for the sense of balance. It seems that spectacles with bi or multifocal lenses strain the eyes unnaturally because they restrict the precise sight in the lower part of the lenses. Despite the trouble of swapping glasses it's better for your eyes to wear mono focal specs.

Because the DSB often causes unilateral symptoms anywhere in the body this is likely to happen in the eyes, too. When the sense of balance is treated it decreases the unilaterality in the body as well as in the eyes. This process is disturbed if you wear glasses with lenses with different amount of focus. To prevent this and to find out how your eyes cooperate both of them have to be tested simultaneously without covering either of them. According to the result of this test both the lenses are defined similar. Although eyes may see differently the muscles in the weaker eye won't be strained because of PT. If you wear specs with a lot of focus, the muscles in your eyes don't get enough exercise. To improve their condition you can exercise them in different ways.

When you have started PT it is likely that you have to get new glasses as described above, Otherwise, your old glasses with different lenses and/or wrong focuses may twist the field of sight and strain the sense of balance in different, not so pleasant ways.


The recovery of the body from a serious and/or long run DSB can be helped with acupuncture, which can balance the endocrine system. If the DSB-symptoms have required long run medication acupuncture can decrease its side and/or after effects, e.g. dependency on medicines.


Because natural nourishment with no artificial substances seems to be crucial to all metabolism natural salt (and water) is vital to the salt and fluid metabolism which creates the electric current and the magnetic field in the body. Thus, salt is important for the sense of balance as well as for the function, wellbeing and health of our bodies. Chrystal salt is natural (mountain) salt with nothing taken away from it. It is available in most eco shops

Health checks

WARNING: Be careful in case of a diagnosed disease with serious tissue damage especially in some endocrine glands or in the cardiovascular or nervous systems. Treat only the horizontal canal to ease the worst symptoms of e.g. vertigo.

The pillow

Because the twisted positions of the neck, upper back and shoulders are being corrected by PT it's worthwhile helping this process by sleeping on a lower pillow if you are used to sleeping on a high one. Also try sleeping on your back without any pillow. This keeps your head in a position where your larynx is more open, which may help breathing and decrease e.g. snoring


If the DSB has changed the courses of movement in your legs and feet they make the soles of the shoes wear unevenly. To correct the courses and straighten the posture it's important to swap the old shoes for new ones or at least have new heeltaps. If the position of your big toe is badly twisted you can wear a silicone anvil-shaped straightener to correct its position. All these measures help your sense of balance to keep your body more balanced.

Learning basic knowledge and skills

A serious DSB can affect and/or delay a child's speech and motor development in many ways by disturbing the function of the senses: eyesight, hearing and kinesthetic sense. Because language is the tool for social development, thinking and making conclusions, the delays in it can also make it difficult to learn academic skills. In addition to the treatment of the sense of balance reading and writing skills as well as other skills and knowledge in basic education may need extra rehearsal.

If the control of life is on the rails the treatment of the sense of balance can make this much easier by clarifying the function of the senses and decreasing the stress in the brain.

Supportive nets

An untreated, serious DSB contains a risk for many kinds of hazards which may take the control of life off the rails. If a person in this situation is able to start the treatment of the sense of balance he/she may need support of different kinds to go on with the treatment as well as to get his/her life back on the rails. This often requires a change his/her habits and perhaps the whole way of life.  See Theme pages with various topics.

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