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Theme page 19. The DSB, the TSB and muscular tension in the neck and shoulders, headache and migraine

In working life there are more and more jobs which predispose people to the issues described here because they are often done indoors, sitting by the table, at a computer or some other digital device as fast as possible with little or no pauses. In free time the exhausted body is tempted to sit or lie comfortably in front of the TV or other screen to consume the products of the ever growing entertaining industry. Under these circumstances the body gets too little exercise by which it could get enough oxygen.  If the upper body is also strained by the DSB the symptoms may appear sooner or later in risky combinations, because anything that the brain needs has to go through the neck where the tensed muscles may also hinder circulation of blood, fluid and the function of the nervous tracts. Modern life has also increased these problems among children who often spend quite a lot of time in front of different screens and take less exercise than earlier.

To protect the body from falling and hurting the head the sense of balance tenses the muscles in the upper body, too.  As the brain is the center of the nervous system it is crucial to take care of muscles in the neck and shoulders by exercising them, getting enough rest and sleep as well as by treating the sense of balance.

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