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                                  Dear Reader,

On our traffic routes, on bent curves,

in heavy traffic jams or in bad conditions

millimeters and seconds may be crucial;

the same holds true for

the curves in the canals of the sense of balance

when positional treatment leads

microscopic particles onto their right routes in the canals

in space of a few cubic millimeters.

With the control of the sense of balance in good condition the body

and its muscles are fit to find their own courses and

are able to act with the strength,

speed and accuracy needed in any situation,

and are able to relax and  rest after stress

as the body is strained more evenly.

Thus, the brain and the senses can function undisturbed and

we have the energy to carry out the tasks dedicated

to a human being all our lives with more balance,

fitter and healthier.

The best of health to You, Dear Reader!

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