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9 Some withdrawal effects of PT

Especially at the initial phases of positional treatment, but also later on there are likely to occur some withdrawal effects when the maneuvers change or when PT has "hit" a new muscle or a bunch of muscles which may "protest " the new course of movement.

When muscled are relaxed by PT and peripheral blood circulation recovers, waste products are excreted more than usual, which can add to withdrawal effects. They are usually the stronger, the more difficult the DSB has been and/or the longer it has affected.

The most common withdrawal effects:

  • pain, momentary cramps and / or lack of strength in any muscles,  because their courses of movement change
  • even familiar movements may feel awkward for some time because their courses change 
  • momentary headache, dizziness, diarrhea or nausea
  • tiredness because of waste products
  • occasional nights with bad sleep because of effective "cleaning" process in the body
  • feverish inflammations in the parts of the body that have had inflammations earlier: e.g. sinusitis, cystitis, urethritis; latent inflammations that appear because of improved "defence" mechanism in the body and need medication according to the symptoms  
  • sweat with a stronger smell than usual for a day or two
  • earwax becomes fluid and comes off by itself because of the balanced fluid-salt metabolism 

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