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Theme page 8. The DSB, the TSB and digestion, the function of intestines and the bladder

The function of the whole digestive canal depends on the condition of muscles and mucous membranes. The drying effects of excessive cortisol affect the absorbing of nutrients into circulation and predispose to inflammations, too. The dysfunction of muscles in intestines and the anus and the drying of mucous membranes may slower the movements of stools and cause constipation. On the other hand, the DSB may make intestines react too fast.

Because of the DSB it can be difficult to control the muscles in the bladder, which causes urinary incontinence. Tensed urinary muscles may predispose to functional issues and inflammations, too. Children who need to wear nappies relatively long are likely to have a DSB of some degree. .In addition to the treatment of the sense of balance, a healthy diet and way of life contribute to digestion and metabolism as a whole.

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