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Theme page 37. The DSB, the TSB and the obstacles of health education: tobacco, alcohol, drugs and the misuse of medication

The malign effect of a severe DSB is that it predisposes the strained body and mind to seek pleasure in many ways which make it forget the strenuous reality at least for a moment. It may be shopaholism, hoarding, excessive food, drink, sex or entertainment of different kinds.

To get stronger sensations and more relief to the continuous tensed feelings there is a temptation to use some chemical substances many of which cause addictiveness such as alcohol, other drugs or misuse of medicines which can offer a temporary but treacherous help. They give an impression of "another reality" of cheerfulness and happy unconcern of the duties of the outside world. 

A surprising conflict is that some of these people have been very conscious of what is healthy and what isn't. They have first kept themselves in a strict control and balance by physical exercise and/or a strict diet. But before long the DSB has made it difficult for them to recover from the strain of their physical activity. Finally it takes too much energy to pursue their healthy, active but compulsive ways of living. A serious DSB can be so powerful that the voice of the brains and conscience become faint when a passive way of life takes over, often with feelings of depression deep down.  Again, we are faced with the basic question of what makes a sensible human being act or behave insensibly.

In the long run narcotic substances ruin both the physical and/or mental health of their users. In the middle of a constant chaos the mind easily forgets the basics of health education and discards any help offered by helpful people. Finally when everything seems to collapse the fear of death may intrude to the consciousness and trigger off a change which requires a total abandonment from the addictive substances through long and often painful experiences of withdrawal effects and rehabilitation.

The origins of the diseases caused by your way of living can be found in the effects of a serious DSB even when the role models and perhaps ignorance of a person's family may be the most obvious and direct factors. The treatment of a serious DSB is a tricky thing but worth trying, starting very carefully because the vital organs have been and are strained by strange, harmful substances which the body (esp. the liver and the kidneys) tries to get rid of. A  severe DSB  may predispose youngsters to experiment with smoking and/or narcotic substances. The earlier the use has started the more harm it has caused. Thus, the physiological prognoses depend very much on the potential tissue damages in the body.

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