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4.4 Diagnosed (combinations of) neurobiological symptoms

AD/HD (Attention Deficit/ Hyperactivity Disorder), Asperger, autism, dysphasia, dyslexia, Tourette's Syndrome and slight developmental handicaps include a great number of problems with sensory perception which are connected with deficits or disorders in concentration, behavior, social interaction, kognitive skills and/or other function of the body.

Both experience and research (Valtonen Riitta. 2009) have found out the difference between sexes in especially the wider combinations of problems which are more common and more severe among boys. On average four out of five children are boys. A longitudinal research with four-year-old children showed that moderate/severe delays in their development of attention, behavior, motor, perception and speech predicted learning problems with e.g. reading, writing and mathematics. (Valtonen)

The numerous effects of the DSB help us to understand the co-occurence of the problems above. Differences between sexes can be seen in many other statistics where men/boys outnumber the darker outcome. Thus it's obvious that on average there is more disturbance in men's/boys' senses of balance. This may be due to the bigger size of men's/boy's bodies. What else Mother Nature had in mind can only be guessed: e.g. during the pregnancy a boy child is connected to his mother's metabolism which may have certain factors that disturb more the development of a boy than that of a girl. Maybe, to survive in the harsh wilderness the male had to have certain qualities which this phenomenon developed.

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