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3.4 Stress in the body and brain

Because the DSB disturbs the senses, the twisted information causes internal stress in the body and the brain. That's why the nervous system has to use a correcting program to control the coordination of the body and its muscles deliberately. This takes a lot of energy from other activities and can cause bad "traffic jams" in the neural pathways. Consequently, the bigger the internal stress is the worse you can stand any external stress.

The overloading of the nervous system can be seen in a special slowness or hastiness of the physical and mental activity of the body. To survive with the energy left over by the DSB the body and the brain create different procedures to avoid physical and/or mental effort. That's why there are people who keep to familiar, old ways to think and act. Another way to cope with a limited amount of energy is to concentrate on a single activity or a specific field of knowledge and neglect the control of the whole as an impossible task. That's how the strained body with not too much tolerance tries to avoid failures, because they might cause too much discomfort.

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