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Themepage 4. The DSB, the TSB and hypersensitivities and allergies

A healthy body with a healthy or treated sense of  balance has natural effective immunity. Then salt-fluid metabolism is well-balanced. That's why mucous membranes in the respiratory canals are moist enough so that the impurities in the air that we breathe are blocked before they reach the bronchi or lungs. Thus, the body doesn't have to produce antibodies and we are likely to avoid dust, spore, mold, pollen and food allergies caused by breathing air. If the predisposition is intense and of long duration, even a healthier body may get symptoms.  It's often problematic that people don't know that e.g. mold could be the cause for their symptoms. It's worthwhile to find out e.g. potential mold problems even when the symptoms are relatively small but persistent or occur between more or less regular intervals. In addition, the TSB can improve the protection of the body. 

A well-functioning sense of balance is better protected against any artificial substances in the food, against cleansers and detergents, against the side effects of medicines, vaccines, etc. because the DSB don't disturb the function of the inner organs (e.g. the liver and kidneys) which are to excrete any waste products out of the body. The strain of chemicals together with the DSB can prevent strange substances and waste products from being excreted out of the body and then it starts to develop antibodies.

Many nutrients themselves have factors that cause digestive problems with allergic symptoms. They also seem to be more common and be linked with different problems in vital functions that are influenced by the DSB; e.g. the condition of the walls in the digestive canal or acid- base balance which is regulated by salt-fluid metabolism. It's been detected that food allergies get worse simultaneously with e.g. pollen allergy. Spring and early summer in Finland is the time when e.g. birches blossom and their pollen is a common cause for troublesome allergy for quite a few people.  It's also a time when the sense of balance may have been strained for other reasons. This is an example of interaction of several simultaneous factors, which could be eased by treating the sense of balance.

The DSB together with e.g. problems caused by breathing air inside, chemicals or predisposition to medicines can cause severe syndromes. They may also be intensified by radiation from electric devices, which very few people are aware of. Those who have recognized the allergy caused by this stimulus have to find a rather remote place to live with very few or no electric devices. Wireless, so-called smart devices are a risky thing especially for the wellbeing and health of a body already strained by the DSB.

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