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5.3 Electric appliances

The effect of  electromagnetic radiation from  electric appliances on the human being  can be understood in the same way as the influence of disturbances in Earth's magnetic field described above. Thus, it can be concluded that a sense of balance with dysfunction predisposes the body more to the negative effects of radiation from electric appliances. They can even cause an electric allergy with many kinds of problems e.g. with fluid and salt metabolism when tissues suffer from getting dry. There is every reason to be concerned about the plans to build wireless nets and even wireless electricity. They predispose the human body to electric radiation with the worse consequences

  • the worse the sense of balance functions
  • the more there is disturbance in Earth's magnetic field caused by lunar gravity or by occasional or more regular solar winds.
  • the more disturbed Earth's magnetic field is at the maximum of the sunspot cycles (about 11 years) or during the long-term variation of solar activity. According to the global aa-index including 160 years the activity of the Sun increased during the whole 20th century, being exceptionally high at the end of  it.
  • the nearer to the magnetic pole and the Aurora Oval you live. See www.spaceweather.com
  • the more other kind of strain on the sense of balance there is: e.g. frequent tremble when working on trains, airplanes, ships or cars.
  • the faster the body is growing (pregnancy, infants, adolescents): the center of gravity is changing, which strains the sense of balance
  • the worse muscles in the body are able to adapt to the dysfunction of the sense of balance: old and sick people

Because electric technology keeps growing at least for the time being it is important to maintain the good condition of the sense of balance with efficient treatment in Finland and other populated areas, which lie near the Aurora Oval and the magnetic pole of Earth.

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