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Theme page 32. The TSB to help with traumatic experiences

Whether the intense muscular tension is caused by internal or external stress or in the worst case by both of them, the TSB can help the body to act with more consideration in unexpected situations. The brain can control the body faster and better because the senses give undisturbed information.

The worse the sense of balance functions the more easily the memory of the sense of touch and feeling is likely to be overloaded and the longer it will take to recover from a traumatic experience both mentally and physically. The treatment of the sense of balance is especially important if the body/head collides heavily in an accident because the calcium stones in the semicircular canals of the sense of balance may badly jam in wrong places.

In and after a traumatic situation the most common symptoms are e.g. trembling, problems with stomach or heart, muscular pain, tiredness, sleep disorders or different phobias. The treatment of the sense of balance can speed up the recovery from the disturbances in the hormone secretion and metabolism and prevent long-term traumatic problems.

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