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4. DSB-symptoms

All cells, tissues and organs in the body have their specific structure and function, but on the other hand, they all belong to the same metabolic systems (fluid-salt and sugar-fat) of the body. That is what the treatment of the sense of balance (positional treatment and other necessary measures) have luckily taught us. These experiences help us understand why and how everything effects everything in the body. This gives us the best gift nature can give except for birth and life itself: the possibility to maintain wellbeing and health and prevent dysfunction and illness in the body even before the child is born.

However, the treatment of the sense of balance may not be enough if you have had illnesses or injuries of any tissue or organ with medication, operations, etc. Therefore you also have to be careful when you start positional treatment. And if you meet with new symptoms you may also need medical treatment, surgery, etc. So, have your health checked from time to time.

Next I will present a large selection of symptoms that may directly or indirectly be linked with the DSB of different degree. They are grouped according to their main underlying factors caused by the DSB. It has to be taken into account that the sense of balance can influence the function of the body through different routes. That's why some of the symptoms will be mentioned in several contexts. Most symptoms are gone into more detail in different chapters on these pages. Despite of its length the following list isn't complete.

Check the movements of positional treatment (video). Take care of all the necessary steps to treat the sense of balance. See What is positional treatment for the DSB? Do you need anything else?

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