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Theme page 24. The DSB, the TSB and concentration

First of all, good concentration is made up of a good state of alertness which needs sufficient sleep, rest, exercise, healthy nutrition and balanced metal health. Convenient circumstances for work, studies or whatever you are doing contribute to the activity. Many of these "goodies" may be disturbed by the internal physical and mental stress caused by the DSB which takes as much energy as is needed to prevent the body from falling by tensing it. The rest of the resources have to cover everything else you are doing.

After a good start in a pleasant workplace you may find it difficult to focus on your duties especially when you are busy with several simultaneous things. Tensed muscles e.g.in the neck and shoulder invite a headache. You may be tired because of different sleep disorders and that's why you may be too tired to take exercise or take care of your diet. In a few years overweight starts to hinder moving and so you notice you have ended up in a vicious circle with potential burn out and depressive thoughts.

The treatment of the sense of balance could save more energy for anything you are up to in your life. Both in working life and everyday (family) life at home it would be easier to start, plan and carry out your activities and finish them in time with good enough results. In case of busy times you can organize your duties and cope with simultaneous activities and temporary stress. If necessary, you are better able to plan and handle a demanding project with a lot of details and estimate the time and other resources it requires.

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