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10 How to recognize successful PT?

The recovery of the body from the issues caused by  the DSB is a long process with many phases that are influenced by different factors, such as the person's age, body build, the number and degree of symptoms, potential medication and physical and/or mental strain. In addition to the withdrawal effects mentioned above there are following immediate sensations during and/or after the maneuvers:

  • a strong need to yawn: the body needs more oxygen because carbon dioxide is "cleaned out" from the relaxing muscles via lungs and through breathing
  • cleaning cough and/or cold  because of increased  moisture on the mucous membranes
  • increased salivation and moisture in the eyes  because of balanced fluid-salt metabolism
  • abundant sweat decreases and becomes nearly odorless
  • the visual field brightens up (the colors) and becomes clearer (the forms and the distances)
  • a feeling of warmth in any muscles (relaxation)
  • a feeling of weight against the floor (the magnetic field of the body is getting whole)
  • the weight of the body can be sensed by both the feet: the body is straightening its posture

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