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4.3 Internal stress in the body and brain

Tiredness despite sufficient sleep; difficulty in waking up; exhaustion; weak tolerance of stress; even a little discomfort strains.

Tiredness and/or depression after child birth caused by the change of gravity point in the mother's body; slow recovery from the strain of child birth and potential lack of sleep while nursing the baby.

Problems with concentrating and attention; distracted work; slow or hasty work with short attention; difficulty in planning your activity and in estimating its duration, problems with completing  your work.

Prone to memory blocks, difficulty in naming; varying success at school; underachievement; perfectionism; a continuous grind; compulsive avoidance of failure; fear of failing; facilitated ways to act and think; difficulty  in perception the whole -> tends to concentrate on one thing instead; dislike of physical or mental effort; impatience; love for comfort; dependence on daydreams and unreal desires; recklessness; difficulty in predicting risky situations; defiance: prone to accidents; changes in the personality: artificial, "easy" roles to gain other people's attention (e.g. a clown or commander); a strong will of performance; difficulty in behavior and/or social interaction: a short attention span and/or lack of reciprocity in human relations.

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APPENDIX I AD/HD symptoms classified according to DSB symptoms 

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