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Theme page 22. The DSB, the TSB and seeing, reading, writing and learning

Visual perception is guided by small muscles in the eye, which react to the sense of balance very quickly because the tight cooperation of the two senses makes it possible for the body to find the stable, balanced posture and courses of movement.  By the way, that's why the function of the eyes has had an important role in the development and refining of the techniques of positional treatment.

Reading is one of the tasks that require a sharp sight and good visual perception so that the subject matter can be understood, remembered and learned if necessary, without too much difficulty. Visual perception of a language is crucial to learning to write it correctly. English is an example of a complicated written language with little support from its pronunciation. This demands more precise visual perception and memory than e.g. the Finnish language whose way of writing resembles its pronunciation quite a lot. Despite this mechanic ease, the understanding and remembering the subject matter of Finnish texts also require good visual perception and visual memory. Some combinations of letters (e.g. double versus single consonants and short versus long vowels) in Finnish may reveal some problems in auditory perception.

Learning to write (with a pencil or by typing) requires a flexible coordination of the eyes and the muscles in the arm and hand. The process of creating a text of one's own combines many skills: to express your thoughts, ideas, feelings, etc. or convey information by using correct words and fluent sentences by mastering the structures of the text to a certain extent. To be able to concentrate on this process you need undisturbed function of the brain. 

The skills of reading and writing are important means of learning and studying whatever you want to master. Written skills are needed almost everywhere else, too. International, global contacts increase the need to learn foreign languages both at work and in personal social life. To be able to reach your academic or other goals with too much effort, the treatment of the sense of balance help those who have to struggle to achieve them or would otherwise be likely to fail. To improve e.g. your academic achievements you might also need some practice with basic knowledge and/or studying technique in addition to the TSB.

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