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3.1 Chronic muscular tension

The DSB causes chronic muscular tension in any of the six hundred (or so) muscles of the body. This is the cause for different types of twisted movements and posture of the body and its muscles. Especially the muscles in the neck and shoulders are "locked" to maintain the balance of the body. Thus, the DSB can affect all function where muscles are involved. At the same time it causes twisted courses of movements of joints which can in turn result in problems in musculoskeletal organs. The better condition the muscles are in the more disturbance in the balance system the body tolerates. However, the muscular symptoms of the DSB with sportsmen may be minor, but under heavy strain, these persons may get repetitive strain injury, pain and/or cramps in their muscles even from tiny deviations in the courses of movements. 

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4.1.1 Muscular tension: twisted courses of movement: muscles in the eye

4.1.2 Speech and respiratory muscles

4.1.3 Other muscles